GPI Services

GPI’s Areas of Expertise

GPI offers its scientific and engineering expertise to a variety of stakeholders, including communities and government agencies, other nonprofits, and for-profit corporations, provided the task at hand is consistent with our mission and program objectives.

Working closely with potential clients and partners, GPI can tailor effective programs and provide the tools to implement and sustain them.  Our strengths lie in the following:

Scientific and Engineering Knowledge

With our combined decades of experience in mineral and energy resources, geologic hazards, environmental contamination and restoration, and engineering issues, we can provide the technical capabilities needed to effectively and efficiently approach a wide variety of problems.  We are committed to providing practical yet creative solutions to geoscientific problems of all types.

Analysis & Consultation

We can review existing programs and priorities, provide on-site analysis and recommendations, identify options, design and implement solutions, inform and involve others, and monitor program implementation.

Public/Private Sector Coordination

Our extensive experience in the field has given us a practical understanding of what works.  We can keep you in touch with the goals and rationale of government resource management efforts, and help you develop programs based on the mutual interests of both the public and private sectors.

Policy Analysis, Development & Advocacy

Consistent with our mission is our goal to provide innovative solutions that enhance the efficient use of resources and promote sustainability while eliminating environmental impacts.  To do this, we must monitor the public policy arena and advocate for practical and effective resource management policies that address the regional and global issues affecting all communities.

Education & Training

Effective implementation of sustainable resource management programs requires an uncommon level of public knowledge and understanding to generate initial gains and transform those gains into long-term success.  We can provide practical information and training to groups of any size and in a variety of formats.  We believe that effective public education is the most critical element to the success of any long-term program.

“Tremendous scales of the use of Earth resources by modern civilization and the magnitude of its impact on the environment makes mankind a powerful geologic force. High competence and advanced knowledge are of crucial importance for preventing this force from being hazardous and detrimental to the public good; this is what Geology in the Public Interest serves to very well.”
Dr. Alexander Klimchouk, Karst and Cave Science, Institute of Geological Sciences, National Academy of Science of Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine