groundwater mapping

Detailed Geologic Mapping to Insure the Availability of Groundwater

Good surface geologic mapping is key to any number of geologic investigations, including minerals and fossil fuels exploration, mapping of geologic hazards, regional stratigraphic studies, and soils mapping.  What is not so well appreciated is the importance of having access to detailed geologic mapping to be able to accurately characterize groundwater resources.  This is especially true in arid climates and where the water is held in reservoirs that are relatively shallow.

We intend to promote the acquisition of new geologic mapping whenever we can, but first we intend to show the importance of these data in one place where access to adequate groundwater is critical: West Texas.

To that end, we have assembled a collection of unique surface geologic and structure maps for Pecos County that we have scanned and geo-referenced so they can be used in ArcMap, for the creation and enhancement of models that describe groundwater reservoir, subsurface flow, and recharge potential These data will be available to local water districts, hydrologists and others to facilitate the study of existing water reserves and how they might be preserved and maintained.  We will also be available to provide consulting services to aid in the interpretation and use of the maps.

texas map photo
texas map