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The Global Network for Geoscience and Society

An outgrowth of the Geoscience and Society Summit held in Stockholm in the spring of 2019, the Global Network for Geoscience and Society (GNGS) is an initiative of Geology in the Public Interest (GPI), a 501c3 nonprofit headquartered within the United States. As the initiative grows, it may evolve into a separate independent organization, but at this time it is appropriate to be housed as an initiative of GPI so that we have the flexibility we need to advance progress.

Our mission is to strengthen cooperation and catalyze actions that support the global geoscience community in working with others around the world by providing a network that enables collaboration, honors social and cultural contexts, and extends to all an opportunity to partner with others to advance resilience and sustainability.

The GNGS is directed by a Steering Committee of volunteers from a variety of organizations. Decisions are arrived at through consensus. The Chair reports regularly to the GPI Board of Directors, but the Board does not participate in the GNGS structure other than to confirm that the GNGS is operating within GPI parameters.

The GNGS also maintains a Facebook page, Twitter feed, and a website at which you can follow developments and new ventures.

This video describes the GNGS and how it will enable and enhance cooperation to further resilience and sustainability:

Why a Network?

Many of the challenges facing civilization today stem from our interaction with the natural world, and as such they are problems that have a significant geoscience component. In fact, many of these challenges can only be addressed through the judicious application of geoscience in collaboration with others. Thus, geoscientists and geoscience organizations, in partnership with communities and decision makers around the globe, have a unique potential to resolve many of the challenges we face.

Ours is a time of social fragmentation and division, but local communities, government agencies, and national/international organizations recognize the challenges we face. Some have begun to address the universal needs of civilization, often in the absence of resources and with insufficient access to scientific expertise.

The GNGS will provide an opportunity for people across the globe to share their geoscientific knowledge and experience and gain assistance from others to advance local and regional resilience and sustainability. It will link together existing regional networks and allow participation by individuals and communities not now associated with other efforts on a scale not yet realized.

Our primary objectives will be to:

  • Highlight the role of geoscience in addressing societal challenges that stem in part from natural resource availability and exploitation, environmental depletion and contamination, land use changes, natural hazards, and climate change;

  • Bridge the gap between geoscientists and other communities so that they can collaborate to develop sustainable, context-appropriate solutions for local and regional environmental, resource and related societal issues;

  • Research and provide clear guidance on promising practices in diverse geoscience-for-society activities that honor social and cultural contexts and advance resilience and sustainability.


The Global Network for Geoscience and Society will be designed in part based upon the priorities expressed by the people who will use it, which is why we encourage you to join us.  All you need do is send us an email (to and we’ll add you to the mailing list.

Please also take our survey, at the site shown below, which will allow you to help direct our future efforts.  The survey is not a long one, but if you have a lot to say you can say it here:

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